DAY 22

DAY 22 — Before we begin the work, we must prepare the materials. Pray that the Lord would keep us focused on the details for the coming months, that nothing would be missed.


“Prepare your work outside; get everything ready for yourself in the field, and after that build your house.”


This is the last week before we host a massive event, launch a church, and meet many new people. In light of this, we must keep our view on the holistic vision of where we are going, but also be attentive to the details of preparation. All of the things that we are doing exist as a greenhouse so that we can provide places for people to come face to face with Jesus. Our efforts do not stop at these events but move far beyond it as God continues to bring people into our efforts. This is a life-long journey that we must count the costs of. Every person that is met over the next month is someone who can become a Life Group Stakeholder, then Leader, then Teacher, and so on. Own the impact of every moment for the glory of God, but look beyond this to the day when every knee will bow and confess Jesus as Lord.


  1. Pray the Scripture

    • First, Read the Scripture aloud and pray the exact words back to God. Second, go back through it verse by verse, and in your own words pray to God based on the words in Scripture. Third, take notes of what God revealed to you in that time.

  2. Value Silence

    • Sometimes we may run out of words to say, or maybe you are someone that cannot stop talking to God. In either case, we need to grow comfortable with sitting and growing quiet to hear from the Lord. Remember to rest in God’s presence so that you can hear Him when he speaks to you.

  3. Take Notes

    • In your time of prayer, write down what is you are praying for so that you can look back to see what God did. Also, write down what God is revealing to you. We like to think we will remember everything, but humans are pretty forgetful beings.