How long have you been homeless? *
Has it been a continuous amount of time? *
Survey *
You have friendships with people outside of the homeless community.
You have a good relationship with your family (i.e., you see or talk to them often, and they provide emotional and physical support).
You are aware of the organizations in Portland that can help you.
Your situation would exponentially improve if you had more stable relationships.
You often feel misunderstood about being homeless.
You desire that non-homeless people would talk to you more to understand your situation.
Since becoming homeless, did you ever get housing and lose it again? *
What factors led to the loss of the housing?
Do you struggle with a mental illness that makes it difficult to work?
Growing up, did your family struggle with low-income or homelessness?
did you experience either emotional or physical abuse when you were growing up?
Growing up, were you ever in foster care? *
Have you been personally impacted by drug use? *