What part of the city.
How long have you been homeless?
Would you consider yourself a traveler?
If you could change your situation and be off the streets this week, would you do it?
Survey *
Read the statement and have the person indicate to what degree they agree or disagree with the statement. Avoid the "Neutral" option if possible.
You have friendships with people outside of the homeless community.
You have a good relationship with your family (i.e., you see or talk to them often, and they provide emotional and physical support).
You are aware of the organizations in Portland that can help you.
You feel like you have the support you need to overcome your situation.
You often feel misunderstood about being homeless.
You desire that non-homeless people would talk to you more to understand your situation.
Are you connected to a social worker?
Do you struggle with an addiction of some kind?
Since becoming homeless, did you ever get housing and lose it again?
What factors led to the loss of the housing?
Many admit to having some type of mental illness that makes it difficult to work, would you say that is true of you?
Growing up, did your family struggle with low-income or homelessness?
Many people have experienced emotional or physical abuse, would you say this is also true of you?
Growing up, were you ever in foster care?