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Find the work of Christ in every biblical text. The sermon communicated God's grace in a way that could reach out to unbelievers or those unfamiliar in the faith. Rate on a scale from 1-5. 1 = No mention of Jesus or his work. 5 = Unambiguous Gospel presentation that people can immediately respond to. Makes Jesus the clear hero of the text
There was a clear and memorable main point. The speaker was able to sum up the Biblical truth in a way that people could walk away with. Rate on a scale from 1-5. 1 = The main point is unclear 5 = The bottom line was clear, memorable, consistent, and actionable.
The sermon made a connection between the biblical world and our current situation. It gave people thoughtful, practical ways to the message in their own lives. Rate on a scale from 1-5. 1 = All information, no transformation. 5 = Practical ways to live out the text in the here and now.
The Biblical text remained at the center of the preaching. The speaker remained faithful to the interpretation of the text. Rate on a scale from 1-5. 1 = The Speaker was driven by ideas that are outside of the Biblical text. 5 = The Speaker's message was driven by a faithful interpretation of the Biblical text, and communicated it in a clear way.